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In the field of disaster restoration contracting, it is not uncommon for contractors to engage third-party service providers to perform various tasks on their behalf. One such task is the preparation of EMS (Environmental Monitoring and Sampling) invoices and supporting documentation, which are crucial components in the process of submitting insurance claims.

When a disaster restoration contractor decides to subcontract this task, they are entrusting a third party with the responsibility of accurately and comprehensively preparing the EMS invoice and supporting documentation. This decision is often made in recognition of the fact that preparing such documents can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring specialized expertise and knowledge.

By subcontracting out this task, the disaster restoration contractor can focus on their core competencies and responsibilities, while ensuring that the EMS invoice and supporting documentation are of the highest quality and accuracy. In turn, this enhances the likelihood of successful insurance claims and expedites the overall disaster restoration process.

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